Beyond the USA

Lessard Design International (LDI) services clients throughout the Middle East and beyond. Our diverse international team provides the expertise to guide clients and manage projects through all design phases, providing strategic and smart planning for existing and growing communities throughout the world. LDI’s thought leaders and experts work closely with clients to define a broad vision that meets objectives and provides highly functional and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our urban planning and architectural designs create destination points with ease of access, and public spaces that encourage interaction generating relevant context in existing neighborhoods.

Placemaking and Creating Communities

Our thoughts on placemaking revolve around creating vibrant and inclusive spaces that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. We believe that placemaking is not just about designing buildings, but about understanding the unique characteristics and needs of a place and its people. Our approach involves engaging with stakeholders, conducting thorough research, and incorporating sustainable and innovative design principles.

We strive to create places that foster social interaction, promote cultural identity, and provide a sense of belonging. By carefully considering the context, history, and future aspirations of a site, we aim to create meaningful and enduring spaces that positively impact the well-being of those who inhabit them.

Featured Master Planning Projects