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Nanjing, China

Low-Mid Rise, Concrete Construction, On-the-boards, Suburban, LEED Certified


Located in the center of pedestrian activity, Gulou was designed with people in mind.  Contextual studies revealed that the sites adjacency to key commercial hubs like Wanda Plaza and the proposed retail in the Suning Wisdom Park suggest that a commercial corridor through the site can act as a connector for these two cores.  Accordingly, the site design focuses on the pedestrian experience.  With this solution the site becomes an icon, not only because of the stately architecture designed, but also because of the pedestrian and commercial experience that occurs as a result of the architecture.  

A sunken pedestrian plaza will connect a proposed subway line to retail and open space. The concept created a space that people enjoy to spend time in, a space that inspires them to reflect upon the beauty of life. The location and shape of this sunken plaza, inspired by the famous and successful San Marco Square, directs circulation along a desired path through the site. Accelerator and incubator buildings encircle this lively plaza.  Simple but elegantly designed accelerator and incubator buildings encircle this lively plaza providing a pure back drop to “San Marco Plaza of Technology.”

Situated towards the middle of the site along pedestrian plaza is an iconic crystal that functions as an exhibition space and café. Surrounded by a sloping lawn on one side, it acts as a beacon site drawing on ones’ curiosity. The crystal exhibition and café is sited along an exhibition promenade to its south, called the hall of ideas. This buffer between the stately corporate office buildings and the rest of the site acts as the link tying them together. It is here that many will come to enjoy the festival-like street and encounter the brilliant and innovative ideas that are being developed at the Zijin Technology Set-up Special Community.

Lessard Design International developed and applied an internal green program that we implement into every project called Ecoplan-it.  Ecoplan-it takes a holistic approach to analyzing a projects’ sustainable potential from its conception.  There are 6 guiding principles used to build the framework for every design through Ecoplan-it.  These 6 principles provide a focus for the many sustainable approaches and solutions that can be incorporated into a project.

Zijin Technology Set-up Special Community:  CONNECTIVITY – INNOVATION – SUSTAINABILITY

Key Features:

193,373 m2 of Corporate and
Laboratory Office Space
7,893 m2 of Commercial Space
8,393 m2 of Cafe and Exhibition Space
6,250 m2 of Outdoor / Green Space