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Saudi Arabia

Concrete Construction


The Restaurant Cluster Prototype is the synthesis of successful Lifestyle Centers with intended markets; it has intrinsic cultural and physical factors of Islamic society in dessert climates.  Anchor Retailers have enhanced corner exposures ideal for automobile drop-offs which provide improved access and a sense of arrival.  Surface parking is in front of retail for direct access with additional parking underground.  Anchor retailors situated in the rear draw users through Activity Extender and Inducer retailers. all with exposure from the street.  Multiple entrances are offered throughout for families and singles, men and women, etc.  

Landmarks placed at these entrances and other focal points help activate the courtyards within and enhance the sense of place.  The ample courtyards provided between retailers compliment children/family oriented amenities for enhanced privacy.  Shaded courtyards are opportune for extension of retailors and children play during cooler nighttime hours and can be partitioned for segregation of bachelors and families.

The Cluster contains a wide range of dining choices with anchor restaurants for upscale dining with terraces, mid-size family oriented restaurants, and fast food zones.  The Anchor and Family Restaurants have access off of main and/or semi-private courtyards.  Fast food zones are located near the on-street parking and drop off zones.  

In order to unify each individual retailer as part of a single complex, an architectural canopy system spans the entire courtyard imparting cohesion of the complex while providing sun shading.  The canopy design is inspired by the waveform of sand dunes and creates a lattice pattern of light filtered through palm trees and lush planters.