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Nanjing, China

Concrete Construction, Under Construction, LEED Certified, On-the-boards


The Nanjing software park comprehensive service center can be considered one of the most significant sites within the Nanjing software park west master plan. The function of the site plays a critical role in the advancement and success of the entire development. The architecture and design of the site will not only be dynamic and engaging, but it will also encompass the core development strategies of the Nanjing software park west.

Creating an extraordinary open space was a driving force in the site design. Not only was it important to ensure the majority of interior spaces were given views to nature and water, but it was also important to create an engaging landscaped environment for pedestrians.

The planned programming for the site considers two major functional categories. The first is the government administrative offices for the Nanjing software park west development. The programmed space is sized to meet the current needs of this office, as well as a small expansion in the future. A planned exhibition building, which links directly to the administrative office, provides a presentation and conference space for the administrative office.

17,912 m2 (192,800 SF) of Administrative Office Space
6,252 m2 (67,295 SF) of Expansion Office Space
3,363 m2 (36,200 SF) Exhibition and Conference Space
5,559 m2 (59,840 SF) Reception Center
1,819 m2 (19,580) Fitness Center
1,094 m2 (11,775 SF) Restaurant & Café Area