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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Concrete Construction


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) established the Saudi Industrial Property Authority in order to contribute to the development of the industrial capacity of Saudi Arabia.  In 2014 the Authority created a “Living Communities Program” to create true communities to support its industrial cities by offering quality housing, education, commercial and social facilities.

Lessard Design International prepared Illustrative Master Plans and Architectural (through Schematics) and Engineering Concept designs for 560,000 square meter (138 acre) Jeddah 3 site.  The multi-family components provided 1392 apartments, an additional 432 apartments for bachelors, 102 Single family Villas and Townhomes, and dormitories with 208 beds for drivers.  The goal for site density was achieved at 36 dwelling units per Ha (approx.14.6 Units per acre).

To enrich the quality of life, the site contains a Friday Mosque, three daily Mosques, two K-12 schools, grocery and service retail totaling 9,233 square meters (99,400 square feet), 4 clubhouses for families, and separate fitness centers for men and bachelors.

The site will be designed based on the principals of sustainability and efficiency to protect the environment with the objective to achieve a LEED ND Certification.